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10 Best Chatbot Builders in 2024

In today's digital age, businesses are increasingly adopting chatbots to enhance customer service, automate operations, and interact with prospective customers. Selecting the appropriate chatbot platform can streamline these tasks, simplifying the creation and administration of efficient chatbots. Here are the top 10 chatbot builders in 2024, complete with comprehensive features, pricing details, and supported platforms.

What is a Chatbot Builder?

A chatbot builder is a software platform enabling users to create, customize, and deploy chatbots without requiring programming skills. These platforms offer various tools and features to streamline bot development, making it accessible for both individuals and businesses. Here’s what typical chatbot builders provide:

  • Visual Editors: Most platforms feature drag-and-drop interfaces for designing conversation flows intuitively. This visual approach allows users to create intricate interactions by connecting different elements and defining their behaviors.
  • Pre-built Templates: Many platforms offer ready-made templates for quick bot creation, tailored for common uses like customer support, lead generation, and e-commerce. These templates are often customizable to fit specific needs.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Leading chatbot builders support deployment across messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and websites, enabling companies to engage their audience on preferred channels.
  • AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP): Some builders incorporate AI and NLP functionalities to enhance conversation naturalness and engagement. These technologies enable bots to better comprehend and respond to user inputs.
  • Integration with Third-Party Tools: Chatbot builders often allow integration with CRM systems, email marketing tools, payment gateways, and analytics platforms, expanding bot capabilities and providing comprehensive insights.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Built-in analytics tools enable users to monitor chatbot performance metrics like user engagement, conversation success, and customer satisfaction. This data helps refine and optimize bot interactions.

Chatbot builders cater to diverse user needs, empowering non-technical individuals to automate tasks, enhance customer service, and boost engagement. By leveraging these tools, businesses can effectively address unique challenges and deliver superior customer experiences.

10 Best Chatbot Builders

is an all-encompassing platform crafted for building and deploying chatbots of any level of complexity, all without requiring programming expertise. This platform obviates the necessity for developing distinct bots tailored to various messaging services.


  • Deployment of a single bot across various platforms such as Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Integration capabilities with OpenAI, Google Sheets, Zapier, Albato, Telegram Payments, and any external service through APIs.
  • Pre-designed templates for swift initiation into common bot scenarios, adaptable to specific needs.
  • A graphical editor for crafting bots from pre-built blocks via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Support for limitless scenarios and users, ensuring scalability and adaptability as requirements expand.

Price: Botmother provides a complimentary plan, while premium plans begin at a rate of $49 per month.
Manychat, a chatbot builder, operates across platforms such as Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS, aiming to foster brand expansion via automated interactive dialogues.

  • Features: Visual flow builder, ready-made templates, analytics, A/B testing, customer segmentation, and third-party integrations (e.g., Shopify, Google Sheets).
  • Platforms Supported: Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, SMS.
  • Pricing: Begins at $15 per month, with a free trial offered.
ChatFuel provides a powerful platform for developing AI-driven chatbots that engage with customers across multiple platforms. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating intricate bot interactions effortlessly, without requiring coding skills. ChatFuel is particularly favored for its effectiveness in Facebook Messenger marketing.

  • Features: Drag-and-drop visual editor, AI-powered chat management, integration with third-party services (e.g., Zapier, Google Sheets), analytics, and growth tools such as automated comment handling.
  • Platforms Supported: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, websites, Slack.
  • Pricing: Free plan offered; paid subscriptions begin at $15 per month.
Flow XO is recognized for its robust automation tools, which aid in developing impressive AI chatbots. It enables communication across multiple platforms and offers extensive integrations to boost chatbot capabilities. Users can craft bots capable of executing intricate tasks such as scheduling appointments and handling payments.

  • Features: Graphical flow editor, more than 100 integrations (like Google Drive, Slack, Mailchimp), webhooks, live chat integration, analytics, and multilingual assistance.
  • Supported Platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, websites, Slack.
  • Pricing: Begins at $25 monthly, including a free trial option.
Salebot is a versatile chatbot creator equipped with various tools for engaging customers across messaging apps and social media platforms. Its user-friendly interface enables easy creation of chatbots for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook, even for those without technical expertise. Additionally, the platform facilitates bulk notifications, order monitoring, and automated responses.

  • Features: Include a drag-and-drop builder, CRM integration, automated customer support, order tracking, bulk messaging, analytics, and user segmentation.
  • Pricing: Begins at $30 per month and includes a 3-day free trial.
Bothelp is a user-friendly chatbot builder for Telegram and Instagram. It features a simple interface, allowing users to create chatbots in minutes using built-in modules or templates. Additionally, it offers tools for detailed analytics, contact management, and traffic tracking.

  • Features: Ready-made templates, drag-and-drop editor, lead generation tools, webinar and quiz integration, CRM integration, detailed analytics, contact management.
  • Supported Platforms: Works seamlessly with Telegram and Instagram.
  • Pricing: Begins at $14 per month, featuring a free trial option.
ManyBot is a full-featured platform designed for crafting Telegram chatbots. It enables sending text messages, photos, and videos without any restrictions. ManyBot is recognized for its visual editor, facilitating the creation of interactive menus and submenus. However, despite its free nature, it falls short in receiving updates and advanced functionalities such as analytics.

  • Features: Endless messaging, multimedia compatibility, visual menu customization, and fundamental automation capabilities.
  • Supported Platforms: Telegram.
  • Pricing: Free, though without updates, support, analytics, or advanced functionalities.
Chatbase enables the creation of bespoke chatbots suited to particular data origins. It accommodates approximately 95 languages and offers diverse tools for analyzing conversations, assessing user feedback, tracking user journeys, and providing multilingual assistance. ChatBase additionally incorporates advanced AI functionalities to enhance the naturalness of interactions.

  • Features: Analysis of conversations, analysis of user feedback, tracking of user journeys, support for multiple languages, interactions powered by AI, integration of data sources.
  • Supported Platforms: Websites, multiple API integrations.
  • Pricing: Free plan includes 30 message credits per month; paid plans begin at $19 per month.
Landbot is a no-code platform designed for creating chatbots used in lead generation, customer support, recruiting, and surveys. It features a visual editor and an intuitive interface, enabling the creation of chatbots without requiring programming skills. Landbot's chatbots incorporate natural language processing to achieve more lifelike interactions.

  • Features: Visual editor, ready-made templates, natural language processing (NLP), multi-channel assistance, live analytics, and integration with third-party tools.
  • Pricing: Starts at €200 per month.
SendPulse is a widely-used online marketing platform featuring a chatbot builder for Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Additionally, it provides tools for email and SMS marketing, web notifications, and landing page creation. This platform is ideal for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Features: Email marketing, SMS campaigns, web push notifications, landing page creation, comprehensive analytics, chatbot creation, CRM integration.
  • Supported Platforms: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, SMS, web push notifications.
  • Pricing: Begins at $5.5 per month.

Key Recommendations for Choosing a Chatbot Builder

To develop efficient chatbots, it's crucial to grasp the platform's mechanics. This understanding aids in choosing the right product tailored to the bot’s tasks and functions. Recognizing the distinctions between various builders (like bots for Telegram and Facebook, their features, etc.) is important. Moreover, basic knowledge in copywriting, analytics tools, CRM systems, payment systems, and online school platforms is advantageous.

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