October updates

Updated the mobile app and added a new condition in the rules.


1. Updated the app for iOS and Android.

2. A new condition in the rules.

Updated the iOS and Android apps

What has been done. Work with enquires from a phone has become even more convenient.

Why the changes are useful. Process requests wherever there is internet and do not miss urgent requests.

The new app version has the following changes:
Screenshot of the mobile version of the Usedesk helpdesk
Push notifications will inform about new messages to support.
— Added push notifications to the iOS version. You definitely won't miss clients' replies and improve service. Will notify about replies from the Usedesk support. Push notifications for Android were added earlier.

— Simplified dive into the Usedesk work for new clients. Due to the system hints beginners will understand the interface even faster.

— Doublechecked every button in the app and troubleshot. Everything works perfectly.

— Made dozens of small improvements to make enquires handling even more pleasant.

— It is now possible to change a client's avatar in the Android version.

If you still do not use the Usedesk mobile app, be sure to download it. You will like it.

A new condition in the rules

What has been done. The "Message" condition distinguishes last message senders.

How it was before. The condition responded to any last message, not distinguishing senders.

Why the changes are useful. In the "What" block there is the "Message" condition, which responded to any last message in the ticket. If the company set up an autoreply, the rule responded to it, but the client's reply went unnoticed.

We have added an additional condition to the "Message" condition, in which you can specify, which sender it should respond to:
Screenshot of the Usedesk helpdesk interface
Сhoice of new condition options
Now you can automate processes more pointwise. For example, to configure the rules, which will respond to trigger words in the first client's message.
If your company has already set up the rules with the "Message" condition, they will continue to work. By default, for existing rules we have set up the additional "Last" condition.
Would you like to know more?
Here is the detailed description of October updates.