February updates


New type of report: report on custom fields.

New type of report: report on custom fields

There is great news for those who use analytics — we have launched reports on reports on custom fields.
Analytical reports help you track employee performance and the quality of your support. Usedesk automatically collects data on the basis of which it is possible to automate processes, reduce business costs, build a KPI and incentive system or collect a customer base.

A custom fields report has expanded the analytical capabilities almost indefinitely: you come up with custom fields yourself, which means you can track almost anything.
You can explore data in different sections: by tickets, by agents, by agent groups, by customers, by companies and by channels.

For example:

You are selling products on marketplace and have created a custom field "question subject". When working with a ticket, an employee chooses a topic on which he communicates with a client — it takes just a couple of seconds. You look at the report in the context of "On ticket" after a month and realize that most often customers ask you about warranty service.

What should you do with this next? There are a lot of options:

create a Telegram bot that will automatically answer questions about the warranty;

highlight this issue in your public channels;

create a detailed article about the guarantee in the Knowledge Base.

Do you want to know how to use the report on custom fields? Read the new instruction at the link.