Collect all the usual services in a single window

Anyone who has worked in at least two or three programs at the same time knows how annoying and slow it is. A lot of time is spent jumping between windows and applications. It is easy to get confused, make mistakes, and lose something important. The simplest solution to the problem is to put everything in one basket.

Katerina Vinokhodova
Usedesk Co-Owner
Usedesk can become a one-stop shop for all the services you use and take support to the next level. Immediately after connecting, all messages from social networks and instant messengers will be pulled up in Usedesk. You can reply to clients without leaving the system: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Mail, Viber, Skype, WeChat. You'll need to connect the rest of the services and applications that you use in your work. We are talking about ready-made integrations - these services can be connected to Usedesk right now.

Work with all mentions on the Internet at once

You will be aware of what is being said about you, and you will be able to instantly respond to criticism or say thank you for a positive review directly from Usedesk - you do not even have to go to the site where they wrote about you. This will help you become closer to your customers, react quickly to problems and prevent public tantrums.

AppFollow: Respond to reviews on the App Store and Google Play

You don't have to periodically go to the App Store and Google Play to check for new reviews. AppFollow immediately sends reviews about your apps from these stores to Usedesk, where they turn into tickets. You will instantly know about a recent review and will be able to respond to it directly from Usedesk.
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Pointer: Work with your company's reputation on maps and reviews

All reviews on Yandex.Maps, 2GIS, Google, and Apple Maps will go to Usedesk in the form of tickets. You will immediately know about new comments and can quickly respond to them directly from Usedesk to improve your reputation and attract new customers.
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YouSсan: React to all mentions of your company on the Internet

Wherever your customers talk about you on the Internet, you will immediately know about it: articles, thousands of forums, social networks, LJ, Pikabu,,,, Yandex.Market, Ozon, responses, the media, and even public group chats on Telegram. Each mention will go to Usedesk and turn into a ticket.
How to set up integration
RocketData: React to all mentions of your company on maps, reviews, and reference sites

RocketData collects mentions of your company across 30 services. After integration, all reviews go to Usedesk and turn into tickets. Employees will immediately see the new review and will be able to respond to it directly from Usedesk without switching between sites.
How to set up integration
Brand Analytics: See what social media is saying about your brand and competitors

Brand Analytics intercepts customer issues and problems from channels outside the control area of technical support and generates analytical reports on them. After integration, all mentions of your company will immediately turn into tickets, and you can quickly respond to them.
How to set up integration

Improve the speed and quality of support

The operator will always have all necessary information about customers and orders on hand. They will no longer waste time looking for this information and will be able to work faster with customer tickets. All tickets will be stored in one place - your employees will not lose anything and will not forget to answer clients. And you will get full control over their correspondence and, in the event of a conflict with a client, you will be able to understand the situation quickly and prevent it from happening again.
AmoCRM: Accelerate and control customer correspondence

When a ticket is formed, client data from CRM will be pulled to it. All information about clients, transactions, and history of correspondence with the client will always be at hand - this will speed up your employees' work. They will not lose anything or forget, and you can check what is happening with each of your clients at any time.
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How to set up integration
RetailCRM: Serve your online store customers even faster

Usedesk is friends with this popular CRM service for online stores. Information about customer orders is displayed directly on the ticket page under the customer card: date, amount, payment, and delivery status. Managers don't have to waste time opening another window, finding a customer by email address, and checking the order status in CRM.
How to set up integration
Carrot Quest: Create a ticket directly from chat so you don't lose the information

Carrot Quest collects valuable information about every visitor to your site and, based on it, allows you to launch trigger messages in chat, instant messenger, and mail. If a client in Carrot Quest reported a bug or asked for documents from the accounting department, create a ticket in Usedesk with one command / Usedesk.
How to set up integration
Botmother chatbots: Free operators from their routine and offload support by 80%

>botmother| — is a platform for creating useful bots in Telegram and Facebook Messenger without programming. With the bot, customers will receive answers to standard questions from the FAQ. The bot will send more complicated questions to Usedesk, where the support staff can deal with them in detail. And if you pay for both services on the same day, you will also save on a favorable partner deal.
How to connect
Working time tracker: Distribute the workload of employees efficiently

Integration with TMetric will allow you to control the time spent on employee tasks and help you achieve the most efficient management of team resources.
How to set up integration
Smart robot: Get support faster

The smart robot scans the text of the client's ticket and offers the employee ready-made response templates. This will help to increase your operators' speed further.

Keep not only correspondence with clients but also calls under control

Each call to the operator turns into a ticket in Usedesk, where a record of the conversation is saved. And if you add comments and tags to calls, you get detailed statistics about your support team's conversations with customers. You will find out how much time operators spend talking about fees and prices and how much they talk about payment disruptions or delivery problems.

Expand your audience and geography to get even more clients

Instead of inviting clients to come to you, go to them yourself. Connect Usedesk to different services to communicate with different audiences. Convert users of different sites in Russia and abroad into customers.
Yandex.Dialogues: Get access to the Yandex audience

Exchange messages in chats to communicate with clients on Yandex services (for example, in the Directory) or on any page of your site. After integration, all customer tickets from these chats will immediately go to Usedesk in the form of tickets, and you can quickly respond to customers without leaving the system.
How to set up integration
Yandex.Market: Attract customers from Yandex with a high level of service

Convert user reviews about your store in Yandex.Market into tickets - you will not miss a single ticket and will be able to respond to them promptly.
How to set up integration
WeChat: Work seamlessly with Chinese customers

If your company works with customers from China or other Asian countries, then WeChat will most likely be the main communication channel.

Get rid of communication problems within the company


You can exchange messages with channels from Slack through the Usedesk interface, and transfer tasks to each other – the entire message history and movement of tasks within the company will be stored in Usedesk.
How to set up integration

Work with Jira issues directly from Usedesk:
•Create and update issues.
•Track the latest changes.
•Set up the assignment of issues to a specific ticket card.
All Jira features will be available from Usedesk.
How to set up integration

Integrate Usedesk with anything

Connect all the services that you use to Usedesk. Usedesk will make friends with any service in five minutes without the help of a programmer. You no longer have to jump between applications and windows – everything you need will be in one place and always at hand.
API: Integrate any service with Usedesk

With the help of ready-made API documentation, your programmer can easily connect any service to Usedesk, even if you have your own program that no one else has.
How to use
SDK: Embed the Usedesk chat into a mobile application for iOS and Android

The ready-made SDK code allows you to link Usedesk with any application. Your customers will be able to write to you without leaving the application, and support operators will be able to process tickets directly in Usedesk.
How to use
Zapier: 750 additional services

Zapier — is a constructor through which you can connect 750 services to, for example, create a card in Trello or a query in Usedesk from Google Sheets, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Typeform, Facebook Lead Ads, Mailchimp, Discord, YouTube, Shopify, and hundreds of other possibilities.
How to set up integration
Albato: Plus 118 more apps and services

Albato connects Usedesk with 118 applications and services. You can create and launch a bunch of apps on Usedesk with any service. Data is transferred via the API: the transfer is started by the "initial event" and completed by the "target action."
How to set up integration
Pull any information from other services into the ticket card

Usedesk can pull up any information about a user from your other systems into a ticket with an appeal. Just create blocks with additional data that you want to see in the ticket one time, and add them to the ticket fields. Select the required fields, as in the constructor, and add data from CRM, CMS and payment services to Usedesk tickets: statuses, balance, orders and any other information.
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