December updates

New features for Usedesk users
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
Email notifications about ticket changes, automatic translation, additional fields and more. We will tell you what you can use right now.

Email notifications about ticket changes

Now all notification letters containing the ticket number will include a link to the ticket at the very beginning of the letter. This is convenient if the letter includes a lot of information about the ticket – you no longer have to scroll through the letter to find the ticket.

Отчёт по агентам теперь проще и удобнее анализировать

Automatic translation

The logic for automatically translating tickets has been changed.

Was: if the client writes in a language other than the language of the company set in the settings, the system will offer to translate the message.

Now: if a client writes in a language other than the agent's language set in his personal settings, the system will offer to translate the message.

The location and design of the button have also changed:
Фильтровать значения.

The "Conditions" field in the uploads of main reports

A new "Conditions" field has been added to the uploads of main reports.
Фильтровать значения.
If, before uploading the report, you added inputs in addition to the time period (channel type, agent group, etc.), they will be displayed in this field:
Фильтровать значения.

Copy field

Usedesk has started remembering the position of the "Cc" field in which agents add additional recipient email addresses. When you go to the "Comment" tab and return to the "Message", the line expands again if it was opened. This update will speed up the work with tickets — agents do not have to perform unnecessary clicks.

Triggers. Selecting the day of the week in the "Date" condition

Now, when creating a trigger with a condition based on dates, you can select the days of the week:
Фильтровать значения.
How you can use it:
  • You can reconfigure the triggers to take work on weekends/holidays into account and leave only evening/night/morning non-working and thus calculate and evaluate the work done by agents (actions outside of working hours are not included in reports);
  • You can set different SLAs for weekdays and work on weekends.


1. Now, when setting reminders, Usedesk is guided not by the time on the user's device but by the company's time. Why is it more convenient?

Let's assume that the company works according to Moscow time (UTC +3), and the agent works remotely from Perm (UTC +5). At 14:00 Moscow time, he replied to the client that he would return with the necessary information within an hour. He needs to set a reminder at 15:00 Moscow time, but this time is not available because the system reads the current time of his time zone – 16:00.

Thanks to the update, the system will focus only on the company's working hours when agents communicate with customers. The agent will be able to select a time in the past (relative to his time zone) if this time has not yet arrived in the company's time zone.

2. The interface for reminders has been made more straightforward and more intuitive. When you click on the alarm icon, the calendar opensimmediately. To confirm the choice of the time and date of the reminder, click on "Apply," and if you change your mind, click "Clear" and select the date and time again.
Фильтровать значения.
If the agent's time zone differs from the zone in which the company operates, the system will also display the agent's time:
Фильтровать значения.

Client's card. Spammer status

  • Now, if a client is marked as "Spammer," their address is removed from the whitelist, that is, they are deprived of the "VIP" status and also disappears from the list of nonexistent addresses.
  • If the client is assigned the "VIP" status, the "Spammer" status will be canceled and their email will disappear from the blacklist, and be added to the whitelist. If the email were in the list of nonexistent addresses, it would go to the allowlist.
  • If the ticket's status changes to "Spam," the "Blacklist" label will be displayed in the ticket opposite the client's email address.
Фильтровать значения.
  • A log about this event appears in the client's tickets when a client is transferred to the "Spammer" status.
Фильтровать значения.

Triggers. Working hours of a group of agents

In the section «Automation → Triggers», you can create a trigger with a condition that will check the operating time of the company.

We have added the ability to create triggers that will focus not only on the total operating time of the company, but also on the operating time of a specific group of agents.
Фильтровать значения.
For example, in your company, the same agent always works with one client, and agents work at different times in groups. You can configure the following trigger – if a client writes to an agent who is a member of a certain group outside of working hours, an automatic message is sent:

Ivan Alexandrov works from Monday to Friday from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Moscow time. He will answer you during business hours.

Sincerely, Team "Bicycle"

IOS SDK. Version 2.3.0

Options for evaluating support work

Added the ability to arrange support performance assessment (CSI) options in any order.

Bubble frame around video

Added the ability to remove the bubble frame around the video. When the is NeedBubble parameter is enabled, the border will appear.

MessageStyle.sendStatusImageForImageMessage and MessageStyle.sendedStatusImageForImageMessage parameters

Fixed behavior of customization parameters MessageStyle.sendStatusImageForImageMessage and MessageStyle.sendedStatusImageForImageMessage. Now images for these parameters are transferred correctly.

API token removed from the list of required chat parameters

Now, to initialize the chat, it is not necessary to specify the API token. But it is still required for the Knowledge Base to work.

TimeBackViewMargin parameter

Added a customization parameter timeBackViewMargin to change the position of time in messages with images and videos. More information about the time parameters in messages can be found here.

With care, Usedesk!

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