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Yulia Shovgenya
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Knowledge base. Adding Anchors and Slack Integration. We will tell you what you can use right now.

Knowledge base. Adding Anchors

Now the knowledge base article editor supports anchors — html code of the form <a href="#example"> and <a name="example">. With the help of an anchor, a user reading your article can immediately move to the section he needs. For example:
Now users will not get lost in the text - you can safely write long articles. By the way, with the help of anchors at the beginning of the article, you can organize clickable content:

Slack. Integration

We have made a new integration with Slack. Now, using the old integration, you can only create your application (bot) that clients can communicate with. If you want to process messages from Slack in Usedesk by support forces, and you don't need a bot, the new integration is fine.

Old and new integrations do not replace each other, they can be connected at the same time and used both at once.
You can set up a new integration with Slack through the "Channels" → "Add a channel" → "Slack" section. Now the tile with the list of channels looks perfect - it seems that it was Slack that was missing in it :)
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So that you can immediately understand everything, we wrote a detailed article. It has all the information: from connecting and setting up a channel to a useful trigger that you might need.

From brand new:
  • Usedesk learned how to work with private channels in Slack;
  • if for some reason the discussion was not started in Usedesk (for example, the channel was connected later than the discussion started), it will be loaded if a new message from the discussion arrives in Usedesk.
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With care, Usedesk!

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