We work in an active mode, and even though there are only three working weeks in January, we are not lagging behind our plans.
Julia Shovgenya
Project manager
New year opening

Client's card

We added a copy button next to the contact information on the customer card. You no longer need to waste a lot of time if you transfer contact information to other systems.


We also put things in order in the interface: worked out with quotes in the request card and removed unnecessary indents. In the chat card, request and the «Clients» section, you will now see your clients' rounded avatars.


We send the working variable «client_email» in the «Send e-mail» action. It can be used to send notifications to a client by mail if he contacts you through a widget on the website/messenger. For example: «Your appeal No. .. accepted.»

Mobile app

IOS managed to make small changes:

  • Implemented transition to the application by clicking on the link;
  • Fixed bugs with application crash;
  • Updated translations (English, Spanish, Portuguese).


Great news in January. Recently a new version of the IOS SDK was released, which we will develop and support.

In the latest version, you will see

  • a new design to adjust to your corporate style;
  • even more parameters for customization;
  • new structure for passing customization parameters.

Stepping on the heels of IOS, we release the Android SDK at the beginning of February. We leave the old version of the SDK as it is without further development - suddenly, someone has become got to it.

Setting the block size in the control room

We added the ability to customize the size of the blocks for yourself. You can appreciate the convenience if you expand the column with additional information about the client.

API updates

Now you can pass additional information when a client writes to the widget on the site: we have extended the method for initializing the widget by adding the ability to specify additional fields and their values. For example, transfer the order that the client writes about, and the operator will see all the necessary information immediately in the request card.

The request card log is now in order - comments are generated from a specific user. If you do not pass it (user_id is not specified), then the system creates a comment on behalf of the bot.
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