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Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
Only two updates, but what are they! The request interface with comments in VKontakte has been updated, and automatic distribution has been added for all


1. Updated the interface with comments on VKontakte posts.
2. Added automatic distribution for all chats.

Updated the interface with comments on VKontakte posts

What has been done. Reorganized the requests screen with comments in VKontakte.
How it was before. The entire thread of comments displayed in one request.
Why the change is useful. Comment processing on VKontakte posts has become more convenient and quicker. Earlier all messages displayed in one window. It helped to see client activity, but it could be confusion with the flow of data. For example, to which post does a particular comment refer?
We have added a number of changes, which make correspondence much easier.
The most notable changes:
  • every comment is displayed in Usedesk as a new request;
  • a request shows the link to the original post, the first client's comment and the picture of the post;
  • Usedesk automatically inserts a client's name in the response form;
  • you can see thread of comments using the special icon;
  • you can reply to a client's comment in private messages.
More details about the updated integration with VKontakte read in the article Knowledge Base.

Added automatic distribution for all chats

What has been done. Automatic distribution of requests is available for all chats now, and the function can be turned off.
How it was before. Distribution worked only for chat widgets, and it was impossible to turn it off.
Why the change is useful. If the client wrote a message in the chat, and the performer is "Offline", Usedesk assigns a new agent. The least busy employee will get the request. The function can be turned off in the chat settings via the new checkbox "Automatic distribution":
Screenshot of the Helpdesk system Usedesk interface
If automatic distribution is not needed, it can be easily turned off
Earlier the functionality worked only for chat widgets, now it is available for Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Slack and social media. The function deactivation is useful, as some companies care about the principle "one agent — one client".
☝ Sometimes the rules for assigning agents in chats conflict with automatic distribution. In controversial cases the system prioritizes the rules.
More details about automatic distribution you can find in the Knowledge Base.
Would like to know more? Here is a detailed description of July's updates.

With care, Usedesk!

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