May Updates 2022

New Features for Usedesk Users
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
Agents now have a new way to take a request to work, privacy has been added to the integration with Slack, and iOS device owners have a new knowledge base. Android is next.


1. Agents have a new way to take a request to work.
2. Usedesk now supports private messages in Slack.
3. Updated the knowledge base in iOS: from appearance to navigation.

A new way to distribute requests

Changes. We added a feature that will speed up handling incoming requests and help process them faster.
How it used to be. Employees had one way to take a request — to open its card and change the operator from "Not Assigned" to themselves. This took some time, and there was a risk of multiple employees taking a single request in the flow.
How change is beneficial. There is a new way to take a request or chat into work — using the "Take Request" and "Take a Chat" buttons.
This is what the new buttons look like:
☝The feature is now available on request. If you are interested, contact us at

Working with personal messages in Slack

Changes. We taught Usedesk to work with personal messages in Slack.
How it used to be. Usedesk could only handle messages from groups. It was difficult to discuss anything privately.
How change is beneficial. Usedesk could only handle messages from groups. It was difficult to discuss anything privately.
Screenshot of the Helpdesk system Usedesk interface
If the person used the "Reply" function, the system will show which message he/she replied to
You can go to Slack and discuss the issue there, of course. However, why switch between apps all the time, right?

New knowledge base in iOS

Changes. Updated the knowledge base for iOS devices.
How it used to be. A useful knowledge base for customers and employees, for which updates were requested.
How change is beneficial. Completely reworked the design and operating logic. Now the base is faster and smoother.
 Interface of the updated Usedesk knowledge base in the iOS interface
You can see frequently asked questions as tags. You can customize them to your needs as well
Other updates:
— The knowledge base can be used separately from the chat;

— Added a method that returns Navigation. This allows you to embed the Knowledge Base in applications that use a TabBar (tabs with sections at the bottom), or open it at a location you specify;

— You can send the client a button that leads to a specific article, rather than to the entire database;

— Added tags to negative feedback and the ability to customize them. If a client doesn't like an article in the Base, he can not only leave a comment, but also choose a problem from the suggested tags. By default, they made such tags: "There isn't an answer to my question", "There aren't illustrations", "The instruction doesn't work", "Small font" and "It's hard to find what I'm looking for".

With care, Usedesk!

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