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    Online Loans
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    Borrowers call with questions about their loan application status, debt, payment methods and ask for references
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    Customer Service
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"We've gotten our messages in order. Now we can see every status and understand whether we helped or didn't help a person. We didn't have that before. The next step is to automate and speed up the first response time with the service. If we answer clients slowly, clients may go to a competitor. And that's direct losses," - CEO
Before Usedesk
Customer inquiries were handled by email and encountered three problems:

1. Clients often wrote several times. Because you could not see the message history, support had to ask additional questions to find the last inquiry. This annoyed customers and was time-consuming.

2. Support referred the client's question to another department verbally or with post-it notes. As a result, it was impossible to track further actions — whether the client was answered or not. It was unclear who was responsible at what stage. As a result, the solution the problem was delayed.

3. The manager did not have any accountability for or control over employees' work.
With Usedesk
1. Usedesk now shows the entire history: when the client contacted and who talked to them. Repeated contacts are merged, and no time is wasted on them.

2. Besides support, there are several departments in Usedesk: lawyer, collection, credit expert. When support receives an email with questions for the lawyer or collection, the support staff reassigns the problem with one button and adds the desired status. Colleagues add comments on what they did for each question. The decision chain is now transparent and interaction between departments is under control.

3. The manager knows exactly how many questions have been processed and how long it took. And the employees especially like to open the satisfaction report: there are 90 percent excellent marks and comments expressing gratitude for quick answers :)
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