[BEFORE/after] "PayLate Trusted Payment"

About the company
  • Industry
    Online payment in installments
  • Customers
    1. Individuals purchasing goods or services in online stores by installment.
    2. Partners: online stores, services, travel agencies.
  • 24/7
    Working time
  • 50
    Support team members
"The main thing is that the line of communication is built properly: the employee responsible receives messages that he or she can escalate, and the problems that need to be solved promptly are highlighted immediately from the general messages. We combined channels of communication with customers, categorized appeals, adjusted work processes — all this has affected the response time" - head of customer support
Before Usedesk
Customer inquiries were handled by email and separately in the chat room and by phone. What problems were encountered:

1. Messages were duplicated in several mailboxes, we had to do double work, some messages were lost.

2. Because the reference history was not visible, support had to ask additional questions to find the previous reference. This irritated the customers and was time-consuming.

3. The departments' interaction was not transparent. Support would pass the client's question to another department by email. It was hard to control who was responsible at what stage, some messages got lost. As a result, the resolution to the problem was delayed.

4. The manager had no reporting or control over the work employees were doing. There was no understanding of what topics to address.
With Usedesk
1. Several mailboxes, chat, social networks, WhatsApp and telephone calls are connected to Usedesk. All appeals are in one place — nothing is lost.

2. Usedesk now shows the entire history: when the client contacted us and who talked to them. Repeated appeals are merged, and no time is wasted on them.

3. In addition to support, there are several departments in Usedesk: tech support, partner support, lawyers, etc. The decision chain is now transparent thanks to automatic routing and internal comments, and the interaction between departments is under control.

4. A motivation plan for employees was built based on performance metrics. The feedback report helps to understand how satisfied customers are, and the report on the subjects of appeals shows weaknesses in processes and products, helping us respond to them quickly.
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