[BEFORE/after] Royal Canin

About the company
  • Industry
    Production of dog and cat food
  • Customers
    Dog and cat owners, breeders and retailers
  • Since 1968
    When the company was established
  • 34
    People in the support team
ROYAL CANIN® offers healthy food for pets. The company motto is "Knowledge and Respect."

Before Usedesk

The company needed to digitize clients' requests from several non-voice communication channels (including social networks, messengers and several email boxes) to categorize them and provide reports. Without a specialized, user-friendly tool, this task required a lot of inefficient manual work.

With Usedesk

It's safe to say that we've achieved omnichannel through non-voice channels. We managed to organize the work of several teams for different projects. The results achieved by the agents became transparent to the company and efficient in terms of resources. Now the satisfaction index for CSI support is 95 percent.
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