We're pumping up the actions in the rules, working at full speed on the SDK, working on the chat interface and much more
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
Hi everyone!
Fresh updates to the studio :)

Attachments in messengers

We started with WhatsApp and Instagram, and today we're giving Telegram and widget. Together we say "no" to huge links, which even my grandmother is afraid to click.

Instead of a link, a full-featured display of files and pictures.

Tables in the query card

If you get frequent table calls, this update is for you. We've learned how to display tables nicely in the query card, and nothing goes anywhere else.


We've modified the actions in the rules:

• All participants of the correspondence can now receive an automatic reply to the letter, not only the main recipient (who is specified in the request card) - the "Send to all who are in copy" setting in the "Send message" action
• When sending automatic messages and notifications, a rule can take files from the system with it. Take and attach them! Use them as attachments to the message instead of normal links. Works in rules with actions: "Send message", "Send email", "Create comment", "Send notification to agent"
• Feel free to create rules with automatic POST requests: the "POST request" action now accounts for headers if they are mandatory in your system's API.

Chat interface

We made chat in the image and likeness of a request card and worked out the details:

• Placed buttons in the same order as in the request form, so there is less confusion.
• Drew arrows that tell which way the typing window can be pulled (up/down) and fixed a hole in it
• Blocks (right, left, and central) were framed, and a scroll was added to each block - if the content does not fit into a block, the scroll will magically appear
• On macOS, they fixed piping to the next line with the cmd+enter hotkey
• Long links are moved to the next line
•The dialog starts similar to popular instant messengers (start from the bottom).
•Finally, the chat has received new shades of gray.


We've refined the tips when restoring Instagram integration, embedding step-by-step instructions for making a successful connection with Usedesk. In case you often change your password from the app.

Setting up notifications in Slack

If you use Slack, then feel free to set up notifications from Usedesk.

You'll need our POST-request script and the application to do this. No technical specialists or special skills are required. See the instructions for details.

Mobile app

Even more new and exciting in the mobile app (iOS):

  • Translated the app into Portuguese
  • Made a new screen for creating an application and combed the screens with additional fields, customer information, and authorization
  • Learned to recognize links in the app and, as a bonus, made the client card open in the app when you click on the link externally
  • Provided the option to filter the values in the "Executor" field by the following parameters: several agents, group, not assigned
  • Implemented adding of the client's address in a separate pop-up window
  • Fixed the crash from the application on some devices when opening a request from the standard list.


They're getting busy with the SDK; oh, what awaits you... In the meantime:

  • New message notifications normally come (Android)
  • Invalid values say no: mail and phone must be correct (iOS)
  • We added the "Orator name" parameter, which will allow changing the operator's name in chat (iOS)
  • Updated Alamofire to version 5 (iOS)
  • Knowledge base now opens only when you specify a base ID.

API Updates

API Updates If you have a database with clients' contact data, such as phone numbers, nicknames, or other messengers data, feel free to transfer them to Usedesk using the new "messengers" parameter, which is specified as a contact in the client card. Implemented in the client creation/update method.
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