WhatsApp Business (yes, yes, they added something again), the counter of viewing articles in the KB and putting in order the system of rights


WhatsApp Business (yes, yes, they added something again), the counter of viewing articles in the KB and putting in order the system of rights
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
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And here are fresh updates:)
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Customer Card

Filling a customer card with valid information is now available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and VK. In the client card, we pull everything that stretches: avatar, name, social media link, phone, and other relevant information about the client.

In doing so, social media started to look like hairy corgis. Namely, we show a social media nickname with a direct link to the profile hidden behind it.

WhatsApp Business

Elaborated the unique behavior of WhatsApp Business by implementing hints about the 24-limit and working with pre-agreed templates. You can send templates either manually or automatically using a rule. Read more in our article.

Article views in the knowledge base

Last month we cleaned up the knowledge base and added more information to the article list page by removing unnecessary buttons. And today, we refined the article view counter.

If a user opens an article in your Knowledge Base in a widget or through a link, the view count will increase by 1.

Rights System

Let's start to tidy up the rights system and make it more flexible.

Clean it up! Adding!
Removed the possibility to see the channel in the filter to which the employee does not have access for work.
And in the settings for agent groups, there are now four updated items:

  • Agents (view)
  • Agents (edit)
  • Clients (view)
  • Clients (edit)

SLA in post comments

Control the speed of processing requests with the type "Comment to post," namely in channels such as Facebook, VK, and Twitter - SLA is already there.

Also, Twitter has a link to the post that tells you where the comment came from.

Changing additional fields when using a template

Fixed the filling of additional fields when using the template.

Now additional fields will be filled in automatically when the template is applied, not after it is sent to the client.

Mobile App

In the summer, we released a version for Android devices, and in the fall, we're going to give refinements:

  • Translated the app into Portuguese
  • Made the performer display with the group in mind
  • Added request list update on swipe down
  • Worked on animations when switching between tabs in the app
  • Fixed an issue with pressing the "Status" and "Priority" buttons
  • Considered the nuances of working with additional fields
  • Provided the ability to filter tickets in the "Executor" field by different parameters: multiple agents, group, unassigned


  • Added the ability to replace the name of the operator in the chat in the Android app - as an element of personalization
  • Displayed images in the Knowledge Base articles

API updates

Never forget about developers; otherwise, they will get offended, and the whole IT world will collapse, so this is a standard column for them. This time briefly.

Finalization of additional fields list fetching
Improved getting the data of additional fields for the "Nested list" type. As a response, an array is returned, which contains all the actual id of the parent values (i.e., the values which, if selected, will make the current value of the current field available).
The parent_options_id parameter is the main one in this question.

New parameters in the ticket method
We started to give the method https://api.usedesk.ru/ticket addresses, which are in copies and hidden copies. Now you will know for sure if someone else should be added to the recipients of the mail.
Fixed extra fields to be filled in when using the template.
Now the additional fields will be filled in at the moment of template application, but not after it is sent to the client.
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