February Updates

Mobile application, stickers from Telegram and WhatsApp, new SDK improvements for iOS, Android, and much more
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
We burst into spring with new updates

Request card and chat room

1. In January, we added the ability to customize the size of blocks for yourself in chats, and now we have implemented it in the request card.

You can change the right block's size (customer information) by pulling the icon next to the «Customer information» block.
2. We have implemented a new system for saving the previously entered text in the chat, which will help you not send the text to another client by mistake and not lose the text you typed so diligently.
3. Audio and video player in chats and requests
If a client sends you an audio or video file, it is not necessary to download it. We have added the ability to listen/view audio/video files to the request card and chat. Additionally, we began to react to the link from youtube, turning it into a player.


We improved sorting by SLA in the list of requests, which shows the deadline for responding to the client. You will now immediately see tickets that are about to run out of response or close times.


There is functionality in the CSI settings with which you can fully customize the CSI page. If you don't want to write the code yourself, then we partially did it for you.

In the current update, we introduce four variations of the CSI page that you can supply yourself. For more details, see our article.

Activity stream

The employee's actions are summarized in the «Activity stream» table, which is located in the agent's profile. Come in, choose a date and view the event report, with the ability to upload in .csv format.

Channel availability notification

For your peace of mind and ours to quickly track the channel's unavailability, we have added the «No messages» setting. Set up a notification that will track the absence of messages from clients in a specific channel for n-time. For details, see the instructions.


We expanded the possibilities for full-fledged work with Jira tasks from UseDesk: updating tasks, tracking the latest changes, linking one or more tasks to a specific request card, etc. Read more in our article.


1. We began to support the WebP format with the ability to view without downloading - stickers from Telegram, WhatsApp in Usedesk tickets.
2. Files can be sent from Telegram to Usedesk no more than 20 MB in size. And so that your clients know about it for sure, we have added an information tip «Maximum file size: 20 MB.»
3. WhatsApp and Instagram channels, we have added error tracking when the connection with Usedesk is lost. Such a channel will show the error in red and write the reason. For example, «The connection with your phone has been lost. The phone must be charged, with WhatsApp turned on and a stable internet connection.»

Mobile App

iOS has new functions when you click on the request number:

– share a link to the current request on social networks, messengers;
– copy the link to the current request.Of course, bugs still exist - we are working on stability.


Ahead of spring, a new version of the Android SDK has been released:

— a new design that you can adjust to your corporate style;
— even more options for customization.
For iOS SDK:
— began to display information about sending  messages;
— added support for various languages;
— began to respond to the settings of the feedback form, which are registered in the channel of the widget;
— put in order the work with the assessment.
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