Katerina Vinokhodova
Usedesk Co-Owner
The best support is no support. Following this formula, we launched a knowledge base that year, where customers can find the information they need without straining support. Now we offer another self-service tool — a widget on the site with a built-in knowledge base. It will make it easier for the client to find valuable articles and help send a support question directly from the site.
How does it work?
Our smart widget has three functions:
1. Search the knowledge base
The client clicks on the widget icon and asks a question. Then, by keywords, the widget provides the client with articles from the knowledge base.
Чат с базой знаний
2. Feedback form
If the client did not find what he needed in the article, he sends a letter to support.
Chat with a feedback form
Чат с формой обратной связи
If the widget is built into the client's account, you can fill in the name and e-mail for the client - the client will only have to write a question. Your developers can do this using the API.
3. Recommended articles from the knowledge base
Teach the widget to automatically suggest to the client only the necessary articles from the knowledge base, depending on the site's page where it is located.
Bonus! We have built the widget into the Usedesk interface. So now any employee can ask us a question about the work of the service directly or report a problem without jerking the manager.
How to customize the widget
The widget is configured on the channel page. Next, you will need to insert the widget code into the site. To do this, call your developer or the person involved in the site for help.
If anything — ask us; we are always there.
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