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Changes in the Russian helpdesk system Usedesk.

The request interface with comments in VKontakte has been updated, and automatic distribution has been added for all

The main report has been deepened, the rights of administrators have been expanded, and the widget chat has been refined.

Ready to updates? There is registration of client requests and control over their fulfillment have become more convenient.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since April. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since March. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since February. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since January. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since December. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

Would you agree that it's great to start a new year happy, energized and in the mood for accomplishment? But sometimes, you may not feel that way at all. You don't feel good about what you do, nor do you have fun with things. You're negative for no reason. And you don't understand what is happening to you.If that second state sounds like you, the cause may be emotional burnout.This article will tell you how to recognize it and what to do to make it easier to deal with.

Online chat and a knowledge base are two critical channels for improving customer service that is not available in the usual email clients. This article will cover eight support services and which teams they are suitable for.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since November. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

New innovations for the Usedesk service, available since October. New features for Usedesk users from updates.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to write a compelling cold letter. But why reinvent thewheel when there are powerful formulas out there that can dramatically improve response rates? We've already covered how to respond to customer emails. This article will give several working cold letter formulas with examples that can be used alone or combined. Try it, test it and get more feedback.

Telegram buttons, direct replies to Instagram comments under posts, filters in the chat report, an improved form for starting a dialogue in WhatsApp and Viber, additional system tips, and other updates for the desktop version and the application. We will tell you what you can use right now.

Additional protection for your accounts, feedback in the Instagram Business directive, marks in replies to stories, the ability to initiate a conversation in Viber, more convenient work with templates in WhatsApp Business, and many other updates. We will tell you what you can use right now.

It is easy to lose clients at any stage – from the first meeting to contacting technical support. Let's analyze the situations when this happens – obvious and not so obvious. And to make it more transparent, let's do it in a comedic way, in the form of harmful advice.

Personal messages in the official Instagram business account, new opportunities for analyzing the report on agents, quick creation of similar rules and a bunch of other updates for the desktop version and applications. We will tell you what you can use right now.

New features for Usedesk users

Any company that can build its brand on exceptional service will increase its value by at least 25%. In reality, it can be 100%, 400%, and even more. To back up this claim, just look at well-known companies that understand and actively use the power of exceptional customer service.

90% of our clients encountered no-reply letters in their work, and we found a solution. I'm telling you what's what.

Any tech support person will tell you that the most challenging part is working with high-powered customers.In the article, we reveal our secrets and give step-by-step instructions for four typical situations.

New Features for Usedesk Users

In April, we launched updates that make it easier to work with the system and help grow your business. We continue to update and refine the service to maximize the convenience of our customers. We will tell you what you can use right now.

You spend tons of money on marketing, advertising, and content to get people to visit your site and ask a question. And so a potential client finally asks the support about the tariffs or the characteristics of the product. Your employee gives a specific answer and carefully sends a link where you can find more information. Congratulations, chances are you just lost a customer.

Well, at least somewhere snowdrops should appear. March, after all! Until then, enjoy ours:

Mobile application, stickers from Telegram and WhatsApp, new SDK improvements for iOS, Android, and much more

We tell you how to identify and communicate with each type of client and give examples of good and bad dialogues

We work in an active mode, and even though there are only three working weeks in January, we are not lagging behind our plans.

We make the request card looks better, added sorting of active chats by the response time, and the widget now has automatic chat initialization

Typical situations when support specialists themselves provoke customers

We're pumping up the actions in the rules, working at full speed on the SDK, working on the chat interface and much more

Customers call support and ask to add one more button or additional field. Does this situation sound familiar?

WhatsApp Business (yes, yes, they added something again), the counter of viewing articles in the KB and putting in order the system of rights

At the initial stage of our support, we did not analyze the mistakes that are not obvious to beginners: negative feedback from customers, compensated for their losses, once almost lost a client at all. We know from experience that there are many ways to spoil a support relationship, but there are three keywords that can negate all your attempts to establish quality customer service. This rake is stepped on by almost all companies that work closely together.

Keep a selection of useful phrases for the most popular obscure situations.

Today we're going to look at 10 typical customer support emails and tell you how to write a custom support response that customers will love.

Harsh words are not always a sign of a problem. Complaints are not still a sign that you are doing something wrong. But to avoid burying a tremendous amount of feedback, give importance to every message. Often a negative experience can be a lifesaver and turn into an opportunity. Being able to evaluate and adequately address customer complaints is key to making that happen.

Three popular approaches to templates and insight - how clients in Usedesk use templates in their work

It's time to make some tea and get comfortable - today, I'll tell you in detail how to bring your support team to a single standard by using SLA.

Breakup recommendations for toxic customers

Which indicators can be trusted and what to do with them next

5 lifehaks for complicated cases

Learning the customer support science is similar to learning any other skill: you are learning by doing. Reading books is certainly helpful, as well as watching someone swimming and trying to imitate. However, if no water goes up your nose, knowledge from books will not help when you start sinking

How to say sorry to customers without making them angry

Why it is dangerous to say "no" to a customer and how to get out of the situation, when a customer asks for something you don’t currently have

Handle delicate situations with grace

To simplify HelpDesk implementation, review a cheat sheet below. Go through the checklist to make sure you do not miss anything

Main causes of poor customer support service

We collected some stories about the most common evil tickets that we have seen

On average, 1 in 5 unhappy customers mentions the attitude of support agents and long delivery time among the reasons contributing to bad impression

Why you should categorize the requests, and how to get started if you've never done it before

How to lose your clients due to the terrible support

How to find an appropriate approach to your customers

The company works only through distributors, so why does it need a support service? After all, that's the seller's job. But the company decided otherwise

A detailed case study from BXB on how they implemented Usedesk and increased work efficiency.

Immediately after the quarantine announcement, the guys from the online education service for schoolchildren were inundated with applications. They urgently set up triggers in Usedesk, with the help of which they cut off some of the tickets and unloaded the agents.

After realizing that their old HelpDesk system was no longer coping with its client’s requests Beeline announced that it was looking for a new HelpDesk to support them. After filling all their requirements Usedesk was chosen and in three years' time with our help Beeline managed to close all tasks and clase all open tickets with our innovative platform.

Home appliance manufacturer Haier set a goal for themselves to create the fastest possible support service for their online store and after-sales service and have succeeded in doing so. If you have similar tasks – this case study is for you.

The creators of applications, widgets, and accounting systems for fitness clubs, sports schools, and studios actively develop in their niche. They are very creative guys, so often, their wishes go beyond the standard functionality. Unfortunately, they could not get through to the support of the old helpdesk system, so they fled to Usedesk. The head of the technical support department Alevtina Serebryakova told how they got used to it, what tasks they had already successfully solved and what else they would implement to make the level of customer support even higher. Catch ready-made working life hacks.

The guys from Krasnodar have proved that using Usedesk is limited only by the user's savvy.

We stopped at Usedesk for two reasons: the users' responsiveness and the simplicity of the solution. If we had to resolve some issues with other companies in the format of correspondence by e-mail, then with the employees of Usedesk we were constantly in touch in Telegram. He very quickly and responsively came to the rescue.

Alexander Drozhnikov, head of the e-commerce department, told how the company gathered all this in a heap, structured and set up effective customer feedback.

With the connection of Usedesk, the support center has finally become genuinely centralized.

With the advent of Usedesk, we had a parameter - load distribution by hours. Usedesk allowed us to make automation at a superficial level, and again, we could change specific parameters and see what percentage of automation widget.

"Usedesk is a wonderful product that allows for the most lively dialogue with the client."

ROYAL CANIN® offers healthy food for pets. The company motto is "Knowledge and Respect."

“In two weeks of implementation, the team began to respond 3 times faster. Now the client receives an answer on average in 1.2 hours "

"We consolidated customer communication channels, categorized appeals, set up workflows - all of which had an impact on response times."


"We were able to automate 35% of incoming requests from our clients. The response time to clients has been reduced from 2 days to 10 hours"

Usedesk helps us to respond quicker, react better, and more - that's important. It's enjoyable. And all the wishes that arose while working with you, quick or not, were fulfilled.

"You can unload almost any information you're interested in from Usedesk. With the help of tags, pull out exactly "what you need." CSI - shows how the client treats us, helps identify our weaknesses, and quickly closes them.

Kolesa Group is an IT company ranked first in Kazakhstan among online classifications. "Now we are called Customer Care Service. Because for us, this is not just a support department, it is a department that takes care of users."

"For us, Usedesk servis as not only a ticketing system, but also a CRM system, so that we can see the history of customer requests, the history of orders, and quickly navigate through it. It's a cool thing."

Before Usedesk, Detsky Mir's customer service had no ticket system, no reports, and no order. But there were 10,000 unanswered e-mails from customers and a hunch that change was coming.

"We've put our mail-in order. Now we see every status and understand if we helped or didn't help a person. We didn't have that before. The next step is to automate and speed up first response time with the service."

Based on Usedesk reports, we see what exactly users do not like and where we should improve the product

From e-mails and tables to automation: how an online bet service reduced the response time by 5 times and cut the cost of request processing by 3 times using Usedesk.

How the fintech company MoneyMan automated 35% of the requests and increased its CSI by 10% over 3 months using Usedesk

How UseDesk helped a Moscow-based bycicle rental company speed up responses by 6 times

How the payment processing company got its support organized and stopped worrying about lost emails

How a Fin-Tech Company MoneyMan Automated 35% of Responses and Improved the Customer Satisfaction Index by 10% with the Help of UseDesk within 3 Months

Moscow bike rental Velobike started using UseDesk after we had criticized their support in our blog. The article appeared just in time – it turned out that their Support department was looking for a system to work with requests. The CEO of Velobike contacted with us and we agreed to implement the service.

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